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Toilet bag ad mobile phone case

I sewed a toilet bag from the book “Noch mehr tolle Taschen selbs genäht” from Miriam Dornemann. I like the pattern and I sewed it “my way” because I must say that the explanations in the book are a little bit poor and a begginer will have difficulties to finish this proyect, Said  that, I must say that I am happy with the result and waiting my next travel in order to use it !!

As I have a new mobile phone, I needed, of course, a new case for it. So I embroidered something funny and vey quickly I had a new case for my mobile phone. I sewed a pocked at the back to store the earphones, so that I do not need to look for it in the handbag and I sewed a little strap inside so that I can take out the mobile from the case easily.

I hope you like it.
Have a nice day