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Messenger bag

I was always looking for the perfect messenger bag. And now I have found it :o)

I bought some sailcloth scraps at a sail factory. This is a wonderful fabric and very sturdy, but thin and light at the same time and no interfacing is needed!. I bought it here and I must say people were very friendly at the sailcloth factory.

I used the pattern Juniz  from Frau Liebstes with some modifications. For example I made it wider, as I read at Fusselines Blog that it was full with a ring binder, and I need to carry some other things as well, so I made it 1,5 cm wider, At the front I added a zipper to the small pocket, so that I carry small items safely. I added a pocket at the sides as well.
Inside I sewed it a litle bit different as the intructions stated and added lots of pockets at every side.
Here you have some pictures of my creation !!
I hope you like it.
Have a nice day