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What have I made yesterday ?

I have crafted some items for my niece.



I found many nice tutorials at the Blog from Raumdinge… and I want to make everything!
If you come back here in some days, you will probably find more items that I am crafting for my niece´s kitchen.


What I forgot to tell you in my last post is that as I could not find locally all the colors that I needed to make the blanked I dyed some of them. I looked for information in the internet ( it is really nice that it is possible to find so much information and videos in the internet!) and thought, it is not so difficult. So I tried it and I think the result was good. What do you think? I dyed the greens, pinks and yellow. Nearly the half of the colours!


My first steps in internet

P1000186 P1000190

P1000207 P1000211

This are my first steps in the net.

Here I will post the things that I sew, crochet or knit.

You will have the possibility to buy, in case you are interested, some of them.

I hope you will come back to see if there is something new here.