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Citron shawl

I knitted another citron shawl as I showed you recently. This time for me. I made it as the weather here was still rainy and cold. I like it very much as it is easy and quick to knit and the wool makes nice shadows.

I still must block it as the edges curl a bit.
Just as I finished the shawl started the good weather. Nevertheless it is chill in the evenings, for this reason I started a new shawl. This time with cotton. I used the tipycal granny stripes pattern. I am almost done.
chal granny

Have a nice day

Sewing and crafting

that is what I made the last days. Well a little bit of crocheting too !
As I told you I made some more felt food. Here the pictures of the ravioli and other pasta varieties. I made it colourful, as I added pasta with “tomato” and “vegetables”. I made a pouch for everyone, so that my niece can take it out and play with it. The idea is from the Raumdinge blog. Stay tuned because this is not the last crafting with felt!
EmmaLun Pasta1I got my neck warmer finished ( the cosy neck warmer from Attic24 ) and I have already used it, because here is windy the last days.
EmmaLuna Neck Warmer_Attic24

EmmaLuna Neck Warmer Attic24
The last thing that I want to show you is nothing spectacular, but I just needed some leggings after I sewed my last tops. So I sewed ones for me. Here they are:
EmmaLuna Leggins
I found at CUT Magazine a tutorial with a free pattern. That was just what I needed.
Have a nice day!

Some new things over the weekend

this weekend I have crafted some toys. I can not stop to make all the nice things that I found at the blog from RaumdingeP1000236 P1000235.

I can only warn you that this are not the last ones that I will make. It is a lot of fun to craft with felt.

Yesterday I saw at Attic 24 a neck warmer and I have started immediately to make one as I have many left overs from my last blanket.  It goes very fast, so I hope to end it today so that I can use it the next days.

And the last thing I made over the weekend is the top from el diario de naii. I am nearly done, only the seams and I can wear it. And the best thing is that it fits perfectly :o)

Have a nice day


What I forgot to tell you in my last post is that as I could not find locally all the colors that I needed to make the blanked I dyed some of them. I looked for information in the internet ( it is really nice that it is possible to find so much information and videos in the internet!) and thought, it is not so difficult. So I tried it and I think the result was good. What do you think? I dyed the greens, pinks and yellow. Nearly the half of the colours!




I finished my blanket! It is not very warm as I made it with cotton, but now for the sommer in the evening it is OK.

Top Abril

Now I am sewing the Naii Top. Well I have cut the fabric and today “we” will start to sew. So I hope I can show it here next week . So now I am going to sew a little bit.


The last days…

the last days I have been crocheting. I have made some progress in my “Bear´s Rainbow Blanket” from Purl Bee. At the moment all the squares are joined and I am finishing the border, so that it is more sturdy. I made it smaller as stated in the instructions.

P1000215 P1000218.

I finished two baskets, a round and a square one as well. I hope you like them.

Next week I will sew the top from Naii. I hope I can show you some nice pictures of it at the end of the week.