Messenger bag

I was always looking for the perfect messenger bag. And now I have found it :o)

I bought some sailcloth scraps at a sail factory. This is a wonderful fabric and very sturdy, but thin and light at the same time and no interfacing is needed!. I bought it here and I must say people were very friendly at the sailcloth factory.

I used the pattern Juniz  from Frau Liebstes with some modifications. For example I made it wider, as I read at Fusselines Blog that it was full with a ring binder, and I need to carry some other things as well, so I made it 1,5 cm wider, At the front I added a zipper to the small pocket, so that I carry small items safely. I added a pocket at the sides as well.
Inside I sewed it a litle bit different as the intructions stated and added lots of pockets at every side.
Here you have some pictures of my creation !!
I hope you like it.
Have a nice day

Toilet bag ad mobile phone case

I sewed a toilet bag from the book “Noch mehr tolle Taschen selbs genäht” from Miriam Dornemann. I like the pattern and I sewed it “my way” because I must say that the explanations in the book are a little bit poor and a begginer will have difficulties to finish this proyect, Said  that, I must say that I am happy with the result and waiting my next travel in order to use it !!

As I have a new mobile phone, I needed, of course, a new case for it. So I embroidered something funny and vey quickly I had a new case for my mobile phone. I sewed a pocked at the back to store the earphones, so that I do not need to look for it in the handbag and I sewed a little strap inside so that I can take out the mobile from the case easily.

I hope you like it.
Have a nice day

A tote and two small bags

this is what I have been sewing the last days.
I have sewn a small bag for my pencils. I embroidered a paper boat, that I have digitalized with a free software I found in Internet: Free Sierra. I like the result very much.
I used the Perfect Zip bag patterm from Oh, Fransson. I like it very much the solution to sew the zipper to have sharp edges. And the best of all is that it is very easy to sew. 
bolsita delante

I sewed a tote. This time I embroidered some small flowers, that I downloaded for free from here. They have many many many free machine embroidery designs that you can download for free. The pattern of the bag is for free as well and very popular here in Germany. Is the “AllesDrin” from Farbenmix. You can download it here. I sewed the small version and it is very big… but for me now it is just the right one.
I added pockets inside and outside. For me they are very important so that I can find my things inside the bag.
Bolso delante

bolso detras
Today I sewed this small bag, just to test this fabric. I bought some rests of sailcloth at a sail factory. This fabric is very stiff and it is not easy to sew on the round edges, but once it is made the result is a very sturdy bag that helds on its own without any interfacing.
bolsita vela

bolsita vela1

I hope you like everything as much as I do.
Have a nice day


last week a friend of mine asked me, if I could sew some felt numbers for her pre-school. I said yes. It seemed a lot of fun to make them. And it was a lot of fun, but a lot of work as well. Here you can see them:

I made every number twice, as there are two pre-school classes in her school. As you can see every number has a detail, so that children learn the number better, one has one sleepyhead, two has two feathers, three has three flowers in the hand and so on.

I hope you like it as much as my friend liked it.
Have a nice day

New old things

I sewed for more than one year one purse from the pattern from Machwerk “Geldbeutel“. It is really a very good pattern and for me the right dimensions, so that I can have all my things together.
The outher fabric was not anymore in good condition. For this reason I ripped it and sewed a new outer fabric. This time a nice oilcloth with stars. I am very happy with the result:

cartera cartera abierta cartera cerrada

I added some pockets inside following this tutorial from Bellaina.

I mended a pillow with some fabric scraps :o)

Now we have a new old pillow !!

I had some old T-Shirts and the book “Alabama Stitch Book”, which I find very inspiring. Her blog it is very inspiring as well. But until now I haven´t tried to make any of the things of the book. So I took two of this old T-Shirts and stitched two “new” t-Shirts.


The décolleté is far too low, in my opinion, so I altered the pattern a little bit. I like it. It is very femenine.

Have a nice day.

Metal frame purse

or the purse our grandmother´s used to have :o)

It is some time now, that I have seen this purses in Internet and I wanted to try it. So I bought one metal frame and made a pattern. Unfortunately the first try did not worked, as it was too small at the top, my fault. So I added a Kam Snap and now I have a small pouch for the small things in my bag :)

bolsita abuela2
This happens only because I have not read the instructions carefully. I was following the instructions from Pattydoo and I looked only the pictures… if you follow both, what is written and the pictures you will be able to draw a very nice pattern.
My second try :
bolsita abuela1

bolsita abuela

I am very happy with the result.
Have a nice Sunday

Citron shawl

I knitted another citron shawl as I showed you recently. This time for me. I made it as the weather here was still rainy and cold. I like it very much as it is easy and quick to knit and the wool makes nice shadows.

I still must block it as the edges curl a bit.
Just as I finished the shawl started the good weather. Nevertheless it is chill in the evenings, for this reason I started a new shawl. This time with cotton. I used the tipycal granny stripes pattern. I am almost done.
chal granny

Have a nice day